The Wedding Breakfast Flashmob

Looking for something to entertain your guests during your sit down meal? Our professional dancers will bring that special wow factor with routines jam packed full of exciting lifts and tricks which will guarantee to get everyone talking and in the mood for the rest of the night.

We know the key is the surprise element so we ensure our performers are wearing the exact same as your catering staff and are seen in the performance space before it begins, giving a true surprise.  To make sure everyone is watching from the beginning our dancers create a huge fuss so to make sure all the attention is on them for the start of the performance.  This again can be tailor made to what you wanted to be and we have several options available depending on how comical or serious you want it to be.   This also creates a fear of something going wrong with your day to your guests so when they realise what is happening there is even more of a reaction.

   Our routines can be altered to fit the size and space of your venue and we dance in between the tables and interact with your guests for a truly unforgettable experience.  You can choose between a popular already choreographed routine which we have performed before or have something new choreographed just for your big day to fit your theme and preference.

Choose the music, the costumes, the amount of performers and the style of dance so every detail is perfect.  

Wedding Breakfast Suprise.jpg
Suprise Dancing Waiters.jpg