First Dance Flashmobs

Want something to really get your party started? Our first dance interruption package does exactly that.  


Start your first dance to your chosen song and enjoy however long you want so your photographer or videographer is able to capture your special moment on film.  Your music will then start to catch on loop and thats when our "concerned" waitress staff will jump in to try and rectify the situation.  Before your guests know it the waiters are back flipping and dancing to a medley of modern upbeat songs, which can include any dance style and theme.

If you or any of your guests that are in on the surprise then want to be a part of the routine this is also something we can cater for just let us know you would like to be involved when you contact us.

We can can also include a workshop of any type of dance to encourage your guests onto the dance floor and so they get to have a go themselves.

Want something a little more tailed to you? We can also choreograph to specific songs requested to make your flashmob truly unique and something that will be the hot topic of conversation for the rest of the evening.